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June 12, 2017
Chris LaSalle has been a fan of Star Trek since childhood when he watched re-runs of The Original Series with his Dad in the early 70's. Now he has taken his love of science fiction and Star Trek in particular to the next level by co-hosting the Star Trek Minute podcast with his friend since junior high, David Stoker. When he's not podcasting, Chris manages to also be a husband, a father of two amazing kids, and a self-proclaimed (and most would agree) nerd. He also has a real job. If you ever want to get into a deep and lengthy chat with Chris about something that's not sci-fi, buy him a cup of coffee and ask what he loves about Peter Gabriel, or Lego, or Stephen King, or…

David Stoker does not know when he was first interested in Star Trek, but Wrath of Khan is one of his favorite movies of all time - he quotes it way too often in everyday life. David has known Chris for over 30 years meeting back in the 8th grade. In his spare time, David watches movies other than Star Trek, plays a lot of video games, has many, many Funko Pops!, cooks, and spends time with his family and friends.
His favorite moment in the Star Trek universe is when Kirk battles the Gorn from the episode "Arena."

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